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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


I was going title the post This and That Part Two but couldn't be doing with typing "Part Two." Barmy I am.
I think they have found another Combine. The new one is all hydraulic drive and not belts like this one. This one does a wonderful job climbing the sides of the Glen but it seems a little cruel to force such labour upon her at her age.
Sorry about the video but it was 'and held with a big lens on a Cannon 5D. I know how the combine felt. I also tried to edit in Blender but the new edition had too many updates for the time I had to click here and there to work it.
Whilst I was away a wonderful occurrence occurred. I'll show you what is left.

What's left is what is left of a Lawyers Wig; Coprinus comatus. It has been deliquescing for a day or two but is 300mm tall and growing in diesel soaked ground under the big Petter 3 Phase gen set, They are edible when young  but cause hot sweats and a near death experience if one has had a drink or five. Grand in an omelette but definitely not after a night on the bevy. I find the same with Puff Balls, thank heaven the little tinkers only appear in Autumn. 
A couple of snaps of the dogs from last week.
The dogs looking for frogs, yet again.
Taking me for a walk in the Ockles. Not sure how to spell the mountain range that runs from Stirling to the Tay but it sounds like Okuls.
We will wait here as we can't read signposts or arrows....Thick dogs.
A perfect walk and we only got one good soaking for our trouble.

Poetry was the thing on the blogs I follow a week or so ago so here is a Limerick to finish today's effort. I must admit I didn't know of a Haiku. Glad I didn't, they are crap. The Hakka is terrifying. Poetry in motion for them Hakking. Poetry in motions for the recipients. This is a proper poem.

Engineers are all of one mind,
That a Ball-Race is rightly defined,
As the terrible plight
Of a Tom Cat in flight,
With a vet ten paces behind.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


It's been a while since I posted. The world is, as ever, a turbulent place. Teresa May is still useless, Mutti Merkel seems committed to the fourth Reich. The little fat boy with the ridiculous haircut is playing with his rockets. Trump is not giving an inch and seems the only western leader with any backbone. His ex sparring partner Hilary is signing books in Costco it's about all she's fit for, I'm surprised she can spell Klintun. I guess she just draws a heart and a smiley face.
I have had a grand couple of weeks looking after a few horses and an extra dog.
Here are a few pictures.
On my return I got an aerial view of my home, not the house but the white van in the foreground. I can fly. Now I have to master walking on water and I'll be perfect.
 My birding is getting better this is a Grey Heron.
The last Swallow. All the others flew away to Africa on the eleventh but this one likes it here. It won't but then it won't last very long.
Loch Leven. I have wandered down half a dozen times looking for the six Osprey but have seen nothing but Swans and Gulls. Nothing at all today. I bet the Osprey have gone to Africa with the Swallows; little tinkers.
This is Rosa. a lovely old lady who tolerates my reprobates. They love her as she has expensive food and not the cheap working dog food mine have to survive on.

There are seven horses but Rambo is my favourite. He's seventeen hands and a half. A loving, gentle giant. Intelligent for a horse but a little clumsy. Poor lad is on box rest at the moment and has to be lunged gently twice a day. I don't get involved as it involves a long whip and other complicated things. The day I arrived he escaped from the indoor arena but was easily caught with a handful of grass. He only wanted to look at a Ducati Monster short shifting along the road outside; as did I. The speed he shot off at makes me wonder if his leg is now better. I pop in and speak to him several times a day as otherwise he gets bored and then trashes his auto drinker. Replacing all the fiddly bits in that is difficult but nigh on impossible with his help. Horses can't manipulate pipe wrenches and snipe nosed pliers but it doesn't stop him trying. He's a horse with ambition and he's not looking at me with adoration but pondering whether the camera is edible.
The summer is almost over. I'll leave you with a Rowan tree. I'll post again soon as I didn't realise how many snaps I had and I'm sure you have had enough by now.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


I am in Carnbo for a week or so. Dog sitting and hay net filling. One naughty horse has knocked a fence over so I know what I'm doing tomorrow. I have a good days work post driving and rail nailing. What fun.
Not much going on in the news. Komrade Korbyn is thinking of becoming a vegan. I would have thought it an easy decision for him. 
I suspect he may find that he has more pressing matters to occupy him when he grows up.

Katie Kambridge has just been awarded £100,000.00p for pictures of her breasts or maybe just one of them. Some folk will do anything for attention and money. I regard it as a storm in a 'B' cup.

The arena is finished and looks very smart. silica sand and carpet fibre topped with rubber chip. The horses won't know what they are walking on and will, I suspect, spend the first hour firing hapless pilots left, right and centre. They will have a comfyish landing. Be worth having a camera handy.

It looks so good that I was tempted to pick up a few leaves.

This is the arena drainage pond..........whoops, I should have said aquatic conservation area. The dogs are reasonably happy but they would prefer a frog or two. They are fascinated by frogs.
I'll ask the horses to pose for a portrait or six.....possibly seven if the new boy arrives. Maybe I'll give Brav a miss as he knocked the fence down. Clumsy horse.
Have Fun.

Friday, 1 September 2017


I am going on seventy, can still edit without a tremor, still able to sort mower decks, manage simple CNC and CAD but I struggle with elaborate electronic/hydraulic systems designed by some silly South Korean tosser with nothing better to do but masturbate and programme the ridiculous.

I love and appreciate the finer things in life like the lassie I met when going for new nicotine vaping fluid. They have shops for it. Real ones with real warmish, breathing totty that talk Fifeish and answer to Shelagh. (Not all of them obviously, some answer to names like Shivon and Gale, I can't spell their names in Fifeish). Be banned quick sticks they will. Not the girls names but the shops. Apparatchiks hate folk socialising.
 I was converted and signed a loyalty card there and then like a born again Christian. I believed. Far cheaper than online and even cheaper as soon as I get five points  I get another purchase for nothing and they possibly throw the lassie in gratis. I suspect life isn't that simple or as complicated. Imagine getting landed with a goddess who thinks it normal to sally out at twenty one hundred hours wanders in at zero three zero hours and makes a right mess and noise and then surfaces at twelve hundred making more noise just when it's my nap time. I guess time will tell. I have a Vaperorized card
Seems okay as far as okay goes in Cupar.

 Here are a few butterflies. It's been a wonderful year for them.

For those that don't know they are Peacock and Red Admirals. The Peacocks have the round bit at the end of the wing. It's all I see so all I can snap.
 I don't see Photoshop updates now as it's a monthly subscription job. Adobe is good but it makes the market leaders in CAD look cheap. I thought I'd persuaded Auto Desk I was a teacher. They refused on the grounds I wasn't a wanker and as I knew a little bit of the stuff, I'd have to pay two and a half grand a year plus and in US dollars. Buggers. Only government employees can afford that. Bastards. Having cut my teeth on Blender it was a joy to use. Sad I couldn't use it for free.
Have fun.

Thursday, 24 August 2017


It's been a funny week. Monday they had a bit of a do at Westminster. It was Bell End in the Elizabeth Tower. I seem to recall that we had a similar bellend ceremony at the back end of June. The opening of parliament when some of the bellends attend. Not all bellends attend as they are otherwise engaged in creative expenses accounting and are excused.
Who am I to comment I was not invited to either but on the former occasion was vibro rolling.
It's a new horse arena. Herringbone drains underneath this hardcore lead to an evaporation pond or wildlife area; whichever rings the planners bell. They also save horses landing in soggy bits, thus saving a small fortune in vets bills and preventing fit totty from mucking up their expensive togs and bruising their bums. The Vibro-roller is lovely to drive; not a Bomag, it can shake fillings loose at ten metres. As long as the horses are happy. Bugger the old man driving it, spitting fillings everywhere.

My sister has bought me a wonderful device which in theory will bring my nicotine tax contributions to the NHS to zero. Expect the idle buggers sitting at nurses stations recovering from stress to be decimated.
What a bit of kit. Sister got me a dozen different flavours to suck. Not a one says cannabis so no THC.
 I've not totally worked it out but the bit marked "A" allows one to suck harder or softer. I could do with something similar.
 I'll ask Claire if she would like a suck on it.  The her being of the MGBGT persuasion I'll ask nicely. Likely to get a slap if I'm not up to speed on acceptable words. Even 'Cor Fuck Me' is sexist these days and not a compliment as she, her, it, bends to turn a burger on the barbecue.... Likely to get thumped if I get the letters in the wrong order. She. Her. It. A Them. I couldn't give a fuck..... as I can't after prolonged sessions in a couple of intensive care units.
 Who thought it a good idea to let lasses loose with catheters. Twice in my case. Bastard nurses. Men can't help wetting the bed when full of morphine with an horrible pipe down their neck doing god knows what, sucking, slurping, dumping revolting yellow gunge in a jar. All the while one is dying for a smoke, trying to look up the sleeves of the fit one for a glimpse of a nipple, desperate to remember what 'M' number will release one from their clutches. Get used to it nurses. Clean up, he's near death, enjoy it, don't make his passing or survival worse.
I'll leave you with another Red Admiral. A good year for them here. That good I can't find the snap but you have all seen one before.
Have fun.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


 Yet another atrocity and more virtue signalling. I suspect that singing, lighting candles and making little heart shapes with ones hands is not having the desired effect on the evil adherents of the religion of peace. Komrade Korbyn has suggested legislating to control the hire of vans. Tough on vans, tough on the causes of vans. The bloke has soup for brains. Our western governments are not fit for purpose. It's time to start hitting mosques and Mullahs, demolishing the former and incarcerating the latter. I feel very sorry for folk in London. Having Sad Dick as mayor and Dick of the Yard as the voices of reason doesn't bode well.
Here is the Deer.
I could go on and on and on but until we start insisting on western values there seems little point.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


The dogs are looking very smart having had a haircut last Friday.


Today I am back at the van and have been butterfly snapping. 

Before I get to the butterflies this magnificent creature crawled out from under a load of boards, I had a problem getting pictures as I had a 400mm lens and it will only focus at about two metres. I got her to crawl onto my hand but she flew away and landed in a flower pot.
She then flew back again.
It's a Horn Tailed wasp. They are massive but can't sting or at least I don't think they can. I wish I'd had a macro lens with me but at least I've seen one and not just the holes they bore in fallen pine logs.
Lots of butterflies about but I'll show just a couple of Peacocks.
I like how this one turned out.
Have fun, I'll see what else I can find and be back soon.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


It seems that every time I switch on the radio or pick up a paper the subjects being debated and discussed are MGBGTXYZ folk. I suppose it makes a change from their discussing rogue asteroids, global warming and parlous state of the NHS, which in days of yore was normal August fare. I even noticed pictures of MGB people dressed up as giant vaginas; one was sporting sunglasses, a first for me, must be what they call FGM. Last weekend I had a good friend staying, she is a lesbian, despite my best efforts I've yet to find a cure. I am surprised we are still friends as years ago when we first met she asked me how I viewed lesbian relationships. In HD was neither the answer she was expecting nor one she approved of. 
It rather looks as if the combine will be working today so on with the dust mask and off to work we go.
Here are a couple of butterflies. The first is a Red Admiral and the second is one of the Whites. 
And a few Sulphur Tuft.
 Have fun, I am away at a show this weekend, the dogs are having a haircut so I'll be back next week.

Thursday, 3 August 2017


It's been a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers for what seems like ages. I haven't found any new insects but yesterday whilst greasing a caravan an Emperor Dragonfly flew past. I sat with a mug of tea waiting for it to retrace it's flight but never saw it again.
 Last week I spent half a day checking the combine and it managed about a couple of acres but the winter barley was just a little too damp and since then has got damper still. The spring malting barley looks acceptable to my untutored eye with grain heads a good twenty percent larger than last year.
It is all suffering from a surfeit of Dihydrogen  monoxide. This chemical composition is a pain. It attacks ferrous metal. It can cause severe burns. It causes many road accidents but is freely available to purchase, no age limit but a pound to a penny it causes as many deaths as tobacco........Why don't government do anything about it? Forgot, they are on holiday.
I am inspired by a wonderful artist who posts some stunning composites. Have a look here MARTY.
Here is an inferior attempt.

Have fun.

Friday, 21 July 2017


I'm afraid I haven't found any interesting creepy crawlies this week.
I have assisted in sorting the combine but there was no rush as the weather has turned a trifle damp. Coventry Fencing arrived at the crack of breakfast time and the tele-loader hadn't got it's forks on so that was another job which I'm too old and feeble for. Never mind, I found the strength and with the help of a big sledge hammer he's unloaded and on his way. What a happy Scottish lorry driving bunny.
I found a couple of soggy cheese wafers and treated the hens. Molly doesn't like cream puffs but Alf risks a peck to grab his share.

Both dogs are ready for a hair cut and are booked in for the eleventh of August which happens to be the day before Kinross show. Hopefully folk will go Ohh and Arrgh when they see them looking and smelling so good.
Have fun.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


The title is from The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.
This morning I found hundreds of these larvae all slithering along in the same direction. I tried to influence their course with an LED light but it had no effect. I have no idea what they will grow into.
After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that these are Fungus Gnat larvae.
Updated on the 18th of July.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Tachinid flies are far from my favourite insects but I like these images.

Unfortunately despite twenty hours, sorry, minutes research I can't identify it.

 It's been a grand few days and the wild raspberries are starting to ripen, it looks like an abundant crop, the brambles are looking as if they will also carry a bumper crop and I found a small clump of gooseberries. The latter are not quite ripe yet but I'll check regularly as they seem favourite Starling fodder; I'll try and get there first....Little buggers can gobble the lot in an hour. I am investigating making Raspberry Ripple ice cream. I don't have a freezer so will use dry ice. It's frozen carbon dioxide.
 A few years ago I got some free from a supermarket for shrink fitting a big end journal into crank shaft webs. The big end pin was massive to middling at about three inches diameter varying dramatically where it had been chaveled by the con rod and the only way to resurrect the crankshaft other than metal spraying and posh expensive grinding was to chop the old one out with the ever faithful angle grinder and machine a new one to be popped in. The chopping out took a couple of hours each side but setting the job up took a week. Two fixtures on an old Dean Smith and Grace lathe. One to pre-drill and rough bore the webs then another to clamp them to the cross slide whilst a boring bar was mounted between centres. The job lasted ages as then what remained of the old big end white metal had to be melted out. The big end made good. A TIG welder lots of pre-heat and a quick bore job did that. White metal, Babbit I seem to recall it's called, cast back in round a sand core cured with CO2, forget what the sand additive was but it was impressive. Came out rock hard, I guess Viagra. Then we bored and scraped to be a dippty doo fit. I did it all but the scraping and the core bit. I am very slow to special needs when it comes to coring and scraping, more like scrapping is my fitting. In workshops of yor there were some wonderful expressions reserved for apprentices and crap craftsmen. Two to ponder on.
"Eee lad, I could swallow swarf and shit a better job."
"Good enough is near enough but near enough is useless."

Should I win the lottery....not likely as I don't do the tax on the poor Pinchalot......I'd like a vintage machine shop. A Hardinge tool room lathe would be first on my list and a big Dean Smith and Grace not far behind. Millers, well Bridgeport would do but I have used an old Milwaukee it was a dream of a vertical milling machine. All the bits of course add up. Tools, tool grinders, vices, cut off saws a surface table and measuring tackle all consume vast amounts of cash. Welders are cheapish.
Have fun whilst I dream.